4 Characteristics Of Effective Solo Ads

One of the most important things a business must do is advertise itself and its products/services. Don’t think it’s important? Then why do you think you see ads everywhere you go – online, on TV, in newspapers, in magazines, etc. With such a plethora of ads everywhere, it’s necessary for companies to come up with effective advertisements.

Solo ads rank high up there for bringing in business. So, what are the characteristics that make up an effective ad?

Be Clear

When it comes to advertising, your solo ads need to be clear. It needs to dictate exactly what you want you’re trying to convey. Solo ads that are clear tend to attain their objective and introduce new people to the company. If various topics are being given, the message should still be clear. Your solo ads should pull people in the right direction.

Be Brief

You want your message in the solo has to be brief. Don’t bore your readers with the minor details that don’t have anything to do with the product/service you’re advertising.

All details should be immediate. Think about the commercials you see on television. Have you noticed most of them run about 20 to 30 seconds long? In print advertising, a few brief words clearly convey the company’s message.
It’s important you are brief, so people know what you want.

Make It Memorable

The key goal of a solo ad is to ensure people know about your business and think about it. Memorable ads ensure this happens. Some companies will use jingles; other companies will use colors and others will use an array of techniques to stay in a person’s mind.

What are some companies that come to your mind right off the bat? Why is that? What is it about that company that makes you think of them? For McDonald’s, you’ve got the big, yellow arches and Ronald McDonald the Clown.

That’s using colors and other techniques to make people remember them. For Burger King, it’s the jingle, “Have It Your Way” with the crown-wearing King standing tall.

Little things like this keep people thinking about the company.
It’s also why you’ll notice many TV commercial advertisers repeating a company’s name or product multiple times. For solo ads, you don’t want to make mention of the product name more than five times.
In fact, it’s best to mention it once in the beginning and once at the end. That helps people to remember when you’re trying to sell.

Make It Appealing

Another key point to high-quality solo ads is to bring all the other elements together, making it appealing to pull in prospective customers. Some companies may use man’s natural instincts; other companies use shock methods to make them memorable. The idea is to get people’s attention.