Purchase Ads From A Dependable Source

The key to being successful with your solo ads campaign is to purchase them from a reputable, dependable source. There are a plethora of them out there, but there are also some sleazy ones you need to steer clear from. Some solo ad sellers have no subscriber lists or have a list that’s outdated or faked.

The idea is to get quality solo ads, which will cost you more in the short run.
Don’t waste your money on the shady dealers – pay your dues and go for the quality offers.

Ad selling is quite popular and, because of that, scams rise with dubious traffic quality and shady practices. If you’re caught in a scam, you’ll notice you’re spending money without making a return on investment.

Look At The Reviews

As with any purchase you make, you have to learn what others are saying about products/services. What are people saying about the vendors you are looking at?

Look carefully for the potential of fake reviews.
While it can be hard to discern genuine from fake, look for the directness in the review. The more detailed it is, the higher the chance the review is legit.

Avoid Too-Good-To-Be-True Deals

You have to understand that solo ads are expensive. Legitimate dealers will charge you a pretty penny for access to the list. After all, they put in the work – time and effort – to produce a list of email addresses. They are not going to give it away without you paying for it.

Therefore, if you notice any offers that look like a steal, they probably are. The dealers are stealing your money away and giving you a low-quality list of email addresses. Avoid them!

Develop A Special Ad Swipe

What is an ad swipe? It’s the email you give the vendor to send to their list. The email needs to be short, sweet, to the point and interesting. What good has it done you if no one reads it? Nothing!

Add A Powerful Call-To-Action Line

Be sure to include a powerful call-to-action that entices people to buy your product or service. A call-to-action will boost the click-through rate, leading more exposure for your ads.

As you see, they can be quite effective, but it’s imperative you know how to purchase and use them. Knowing how to buy them is just as important as using them.

Buy Small Initially

You don’t want to waste your entire adverting/marketing budget on solo ads. So, the best thing you can do is purchase two or three ads and see how they are performing. Are they doing as well as you hoped? Are the ads lacking sustenance and not producing what you thought?

Once you see how they do – what kinds of clicks you’re getting and your overall earnings – you can decide if the cost is worth it. Always try ad providers out before making a huge purchase. This is especially important if you’re a little leery about the seller.