How To Create Appealing Subject Lines

If you despise the idea of writing solo ads, it’s going to show in whatever ad you produce.

When it comes to writing solo ads, your subject lines are going to be a dead giveaway into how the rest of the solo ad is going to be. It’ll also affect the entire ad campaign.

How can you test out your subject lines to ensure you don’t make a complete fool out of the email marketing campaign, ensuring you convert people on the list?

You’ll need to read and reread the sales letter, putting attention on the benefits buyers tend to get. After that, write eight to 10 subject lines – no more than 65 characters, which also includes the empty spaces between words.

Take a break from it. Forget everything – the product or service, the next ad campaign, the goals and whatever. Your mind should be clear of all thoughts.

Now, look at the subject lines as if you’re reading them from someone else. What headlines have you asking, “So what?”
Now, you’ll need to delete two of the subject lines – the ones you know just do not appeal. You may think they’re all doing good, but remember, you’re not coming at them as the writer. You are coming at them as a separate entity.

Here, you should have just six to eight subject lines left. This is when you need some outside help to assist you. Have some friends look at the subject lines, but not giving them many details. Have them look over the subject lines, with each friend choosing two of them.

Don’t say what they are or what criteria to use in choosing their lines. You don’t even want them to ask questions about them. You can also repeat this step on forums to get third-party opinions.

From here, you can decide on the top two subject lines. You’re going to find that your friends and kind strangers will have chosen similar ones.

Purchase two cheap solo ads-free if you can do it. Make sure to pick an ezine that’s in a niche like your product that you’re promoting. You don’t have to worry about how many people are in the ezine – just that both ads are sent to the same readers.

Make sure the ads use the subject lines you chose. Make sure to use tracking links on them. You’ll need to have an ad tracker for the test to work.

Once the ads have been published, wait about a week and then look at the number of clicks that each ad produced. The ad that attains more clicks is obviously working, and its subject line is what you’re after.
Your test is done. Now, it’s time to use that subject line in real ad copy.