Many people see solo ads as the best ezine advertising format on the Internet, but they are based on relationship and mutual respect.

It’s a kind of paid advertising where the ezine owner sends their subscribers your ad. It’s a business promoting another business.

They are extremely effective because of the publisher’s reputation and relationship with their list of subscribers. With their own reputation on the line, he/ she is endorsing your company to their list. If you want your ad to be successful, you want an ezine owner to have a good reputation with their list.

Be sure to research the ezine owner carefully before you buy anything. This is easy to do by looking at their subscriber numbers, how often solo ads are being sent out and similar ads. Once you know what you’re dealing with, you’ll have a better idea if you should deal with a particular owner.

Many ezine owners make claims about having a million subscribers, low prices and lots of campaigns. Be mindful that these are often fake companies that take your money and don’t produce anything in return. Some owners provide free lists, but they tend to have no background and a less than stellar reputation. Also, be wary of them.

Many people, because of this, tend to see solo ads as waste money, time and effort. However, if you spend your time researching the various owners, you can find the proverbial gem to do business with.

When creating your solo ads, you want it to be conversational. You want customers to feel at ease and make them feel you’re actually talking to them and understanding their needs. Be personable with them.

You also want to ensure you’re talking to the right audience – people who have an interest in what you’re offering. The right audience means the right attitude about the product/service.

Write solo ads in third person to create a positive impact on your readers. You want the ad to come across as a recommendation from one person to another. When this happens, it helps to boost your ratings.

Solo ads are extremely effective even for companies that don’t have a big advertising budget. It’s why many people tend to opt for them over the other advertising methods such as Facebook, Twitter, blogging, etc.

Solo ads are powerful tools in any advertising marketing campaign because they reach your audience where you want to reach them – in their inbox. Think of how many times a day you check your inbox.

If you create an eye-appealing solo ad with a catchy subject line and an immediate call-to-action, you’re going to spurn people to take action. You’ll be able to manipulate them in a way that’s good for your business and bottom line.

Remember, your goal of a solo ad is not just to build your list but to also make money – to turn leads into buyers. You can only do that if you create a solo ad that leads to some type of action. Building lists are fine but making money should be your ultimate goal.