How to Make Profit With Solo Ads – 5 Tips To Get You Started

Solo ads are, by far, the most powerful tool in your advertising arsenal. They can be used to quickly advertise a service/product. The problem, however, is that people don’t use the power solo ads can have on their website.

In fact, the power they can have is often wasted. There’s been some emphasis placed on how to write an effective solo ad, but no real help in how to boost their effectiveness.

Writing solo ads are important, but you still have to do some legwork. Just keep this in mind:
You’ve written a really good solo ad. You’ve published and sent it to a list of 15,000 readers. The ad is doing so well, that you’re getting 6,000 unique visitors.

It would appear so – in a sweeping glance. The majority of folks would be happy about those kinds of numbers, but you need to take a closer look at those numbers. If out of those 6,000 unique visitors, you’ve only made 20 sales, how good is the ad really?!

Profit Pulling Tips for Effective Solo Ads

The biggest way to know if a solo ad is effective or not is to look at the amount of traffic you’re getting. However, if that’s all you wanted, it would be effective.
However, that shouldn’t be all you want. Traffic is good but if nothing happens with it, what good is it really?

Solo ads are a great vehicle for getting high-quality, targeted traffic, but they must work together to ensure the traffic does what you want it to do. This is known as your Most Wanted Response. The MWR is what you write your solo ad on.

In order to increase the ad’s effectiveness, you need to be mindful of the MWR to see the rise in your bottom line. When you write hundreds of solo ads keeping the MWR in mind, you can be successful.

How To Get People To Return To You

The real power of solo ads is realizing that it costs a lot of money to advertise to the same folk’s time and again. When writing the ad with MWR, think of offers you can present visitors with. That’s the great thing about ezine or a mailing list; you can stay in touch with potential customers on a regular basis.

Another useful tool is the “multi-part how-to” course (also known as an autoresponder series). With this, your visitors can come to you, boosting the solo ad’s effectiveness. When writing ads, consider the site itself – what does it have to offer its visitors?

Don’t focus solely on the product. That’s not what people really want to hear about. They want to know if you have new information to share – this will be your MWR.

Focus On A Single Page

Most solo ads don’t focus on the right things – putting attention on a product rather than a message. This reduces the solo ad’s effectiveness and doesn’t put attention on the right page.

Put yourself in your target audience’s shoes. What do you want to see? Will you give them a page that offers a free product? Will you take them to a homepage?

Does the page offer feedback from previous clients and customers – a recommendation page? Consider what you’d want to see and then develop it for your own customers.

It’s not uncommon for solo ads to mention more than one page to cover everything. Guess what? This only causes your customers to become confused. The ad should focus on a single page – nothing more!

Remember Your Readers

How your current website is designed and laid out will not help an ad to be effective. Many times, you may hear this, and it’s something to remember. If you’re often told that your website isn’t very effective, perhaps you need to sit up and listen. Remember, an outsider’s point of view can help you in the grand scheme of things.

An ad by itself is mainly an ad. It doesn’t do anything. It may send people to your website, but if that site isn’t ready for people, then nothing gets converted.

Be sure to keep your readers in mind because they are real people. If the site is confusing, has no good information or doesn’t send people somewhere, the ad is no good, and you’re wasting time and money.

When somebody leaves the ad, you want to make sure it’s easy for them to get to where they need to go. The real effectiveness of an ad is what happens after they get to your site. If you can remember this one tip, you’ll see better overall results.

Solo ads can be very powerful tools in your arsenal. Using them correctly means true success with no bounds. What could be better than that?