How To Create Them and To Avoid Potential Problems

Solo ads are a wonderful way in which to produce traffic for a website, as they target email subscribers.

Solo ads using email to connect with possible clients/customers. The company that uses the solo ads attains a vendor’s list of email addresses that enables them to reach out to the potential customers/clients.

Make sure you have a vendor that understands your needs, to ensure there are no troubles down the road. You should have a good relationship with the vendor, and the vendor should have a good relationship with the people on the list.

This will help to ensure traffic is generated and not another email their subscribers will delete into the trash box before they read it.
When you and the vendor have a good working relationship, your results tend to be better.

Here are 10 tips to help you get the most profits from ezine solo ads.

Some of these points have already been stated a couple of times previously, but they are important to bear worth mentioning again:

•Your subject line must be appealing. If it lacks any sustenance, then it won’t grab readers’ attention, and you won’t get them to open up and read the rest of the email. You need to enthrall them with a subject line that gets them thinking, “I need to see what this is all about.”

•Write eye-appealing, beneficial words in all caps, but without going overboard. You want readers to notice words in bolded, all-caps such as “THIS ENDS TODAY” or “DON’T WAIT” or even “50% OFF TODAY ONLY.” The idea is to spurn them to take action, leading to more traffic for you.

•Generate a sense of insistence and shortage. For instance, you could tell subscribers that the offer is limited to the first 20 people who take action or that the product/service price ends at a certain time and date. This creates a feeling of panic – like if I want it, I need to buy it now.

•Your ad should be formatted for up to 60 characters to ensure convenient reading. You can always use a free service to help you.

•Stick to the less is more stance. The shorter your paragraphs are, the better the ad copy is going to be. Short paragraphs help readers understand what you’re trying to convey. The maximum length of a paragraph is four lines.

•Include powerful testimonials to the solo ads. Testimonials show people that others have liked your services.

•Create your solo ads so that it can get by an email’s spam filters. The longer the ad, the higher the chance of it getting caught by the filter. Be sure the ad is a teaser that enthralls the readers to see the sales letter. However, a long solo ad isn’t bad when called for, but you must ensure it gets through. If it doesn’t, then you just wasted your time.

•Add a PS or two in the ad or a powerful call-to-action. You want people to take action.

•Ensure your solo ads is sent through a dependable spam filter such as AWeber, as they tend to look for words that may trigger a spam warning to email servers.