Scaling Your Opt-in Rate

If you’re going for a good opt-in rate from your solo ad, 30 percent is ideal. 20 percent is good, and 40 percent is outstanding.
But, that’s just one part of the issue. While opt-ins are good, you want better – you want sales. What good are opt-ins if you don’t make a sale?
When it comes to solo ads, you may have to contend with several issues:


These are the people who are on an opt-in list but are broke. They don’t have money to spend willy-nilly. If your product is high-priced, they don’t have the kind of money to buy it. Keep in mind that a minute number of vendors have a high-quality list, which is why you need to do your research into each vendor.

Cynical Subscribers

A person who is repeatedly subjected to “come buy me” emails tend to be cynical. You’d be the same way if it happened to you. This is what happens with solo ad traffic.

If you’re going to stand out from the crowd and make solo ad advertising successful for you, you need to be different and don’t take the “come buy me” approach. Even if they opt-in for your emails doesn’t mean they’ll buy from you.


Unfortunately, some of the solo ad traffic you’ll get is fake. For example, there are third world country link farms that get paid to click on links. Be sure you look at the IP addresses of subscribers to see if you’re getting the real deal. Again, your goal isn’t opt-ins; it’s getting sales for your company.

Old Offers

An offer that’s been around for five minutes or more have already seen the ad. If you’re going to create a powerful opt-in page, you’re likely to generate a list yourself. However, an old offer is not going to garner any interest, and you won’t be successful in building your own list.

Incorrect Offer

You may be offering something new, but if it isn’t relevant to the solo ad audience, then you can’t turn traffic into leads then into subscribers and buyers. You need to present the offer to the right people to see anything good come from your efforts.