You’re looking at your solo ad and wonder how to make it the most effective to ensure a good return on investment. What does your solo ad need to be successful?

Focus On The Quality, Not The Quantity

Many novice internet marketers make a mistake in focusing on quantity, not quality. If you see a cheap solo ad for $5 or $10, don’t even go there. Spend your money wisely – and go with the more expensive options. The first ad needs to be a test ad. You’ll be able to see what kinds of results you’re getting – is the ad turning leads into sales or not?

Consider getting 1,000 opens for your test ad. Within 30 days, you’ll notice if you’re getting the results you want. Bear in mind that you should also offer a follow-up through email. This lets your customers know that you appreciate their business.

Realize with whom your ad is put

It would be a good idea to know how old your list is. What kind of age group is it targeting? What countries are most of the subscribers from? When was the last email sent – the date? How big or small is the list? What kind of open rates does it have? What about click-through rates? What kind of clicks should you expect?

What’s the subscribers’ history like? How did the seller build their list? This lets you know what to look for in the list.

Promoting To Your Buyers

Many newbies overlook this important issue, but once a person becomes a buyer, you still need to cater to them. This often leads to higher conversions because the quality is much better.

Following Up

In the follow-up, you don’t want to focus on selling. The key is to pre-sell, establish your authority and trust. Build a rapport with them. Talk to them about who you are and how you came about. Be humorous with them. Give them something that humanizes you. When you do this, people feel obligated to do something in return – buy something perhaps. Don’t expect anything in return; just be who you are in this follow-up.

Effectively Communicate With Your Readers

You also want to empathize with readers during the follow-up. You may be wealthy and older, but your readers may not be. Is the reader a young single woman with two kids? She may blame others for the predicament she is currently in. Rather than brushing her concerns off, you can sympathize with her and let her know that you understand.

Questions To Bear In Mind When Developing Solo Ads

•What will I be offering?
•What would it do for me?
•Why should I believe what I’m saying?
•How much will it cost me?
•How will I get my product/service?