Using Solo Ads To Help Generate A Return On Investment For Your Business

Making money through solo ads doesn’t take a degree, but it does take hard work and persistence.

You may even wonder if making money using solo ads is even possible. The answer is yes. Solo ads can and do bring in money… but there’s a catch!

Consider all the emails you get in your inbox each day. Did one of those emails provide a solution for your business or personal life? These are called solo ads and, when done right, they can lead to more traffic to websites and provide network marketers the chance to make sales.

Come Up With Problem-Solving Ads

This is the most common mistake people tend to make. Rather than writing ads that get a customer’s attention to solve their problem, they pitch their business and product. What do you think will compel a person to see what you have to offer? It’s not the product or logo you have.
It’s the solution to their problem. When writing solo ads, you need to consider the following:

•What is it my niche needs?
•How are they currently feeling?
•What kind of information can I provide them that will assist them?

Add In A Can’t Refuse Offer

Be sure to include a deadline for clicking on the ad. Let them know that by taking action now, they’ll get something else included in the offer.

Use Ezines Wisely

When it comes to using ezines for your ads, you need to use them wisely. Be sure to stick with content that gets to the heart of your audience. You want them to feel as if action needs to be taken now for them to be rewarded.

If you’re selling herbal remedy products, you don’t want to put the ad in an ezine dedicated to offering hi-tech equipment. After all, how do the two relate? They obviously don’t!

The same situation applies to reps attempting to promote their opportunities. Run in ezines that have a focus on home business or network marketing. What other factors do you need to keep in mind?
What is the rate for the ezine? (Many marketers tend to overlook the fact that the rate can vary)

•How large of an email list does the publisher have?
•How often will the emails be sent?
•How responsive is the ezine’s market?
•How big is the market?
•Is the ad solo or semi-solo?

It’s important to weigh the positive and negative aspects of a larger, nonresponsive market against a smaller, more responsive one. Should you include your marketing content with other content? The choice is up to you.
But, keep in mind, that if you have semi-solo ads, your message may get lost.

Write Conversationally

The best content to read are ones that have been written in a conversational style – the ones you’d have with a great friend or loyal customer.

If you write the content in this style, a person may not realize that what they’re reading is an ad and your attempt at marketing. At this point, they won’t care and realize you’re offering them something of use.
According to statistics, solo ads written in third person do better with readers than ads written in first person.

Use A Squeeze Page

When people click on the ad, you need to direct them to a squeeze page. This will ensure you can get their contact information.

Have A Monitoring System In Place

Be sure you have a tracking system to see how many clicks and leads are attained from that solo ad. You also want to watch the writing and language style you use in headlines to determine if something is or is not working.
The key to your success is to monitor everything.

Don’t Fix It If It’s Not Broken

If something is working with your solo ads, don’t think that fixing it means it’ll work better. If the ad format you have is working, use it. If something isn’t working, this is the time to change it.

Remember, a monitoring system needs to be in place to learn whether or not what you’re doing is working.