What Are The Effective Techniques To Build Your Email List

Solo ads, also called ezines, are considered to be a much-underutilized advertising technique. Solo ads are essentially an online newsletter where there are no other ads to compete with (or against). With solo ads, you don’t need to wait for traffic to find you.

Instead, they offer an immediate return on investment after you’ve tested and altered your campaign. It allows you to reach out to your target audience without the need of building a list of your own (though you should). You can use another person’s list to expand on your own.

Solo ads are a great way to spread your message to new subscribers without all the shiny bells and whistles.

Now, there are seven techniques that you can use that will help convert your tire kickers into buyers. Keep in mind that these are incentives that you can use and may not always be suitable for what you’re looking to do. If one fails to convert, try another. One is bound to work. And, if you notice you’re not getting the hits you want, you may want to alter a method to see if what you’re trying to convey isn’t clear.

Create A Newsletter

If you’re trying to get people to subscribe to services and give you their email address, you need to give them some kind of incentive. One incentive is creating a newsletter that’s important to them. A newsletter can be very lucrative in the busness.

With an Internet newsletter, you come across as an expert in the field – this is especially true of potential customers/clients. It also allows to you to build the optin-list using solo ads.

With a newsletter, you have the power to establish a relationship with clients – to ensure you make sales and the customer feels comfortable with the idea of buying from you instead of a competitor.

How many times have you made a purchase from an unknown entity and felt easy about doing it? The key is to put prospective customers/clients at ease so they’ll want to do business with you.

Free Downloads

If you’re offering a product for people to buy, why not give them an idea of what it’s like before they spend their money? Use your solo ads to show people that they can download a trial version of the software. This accomplishes two things:

•You get their email address.
•You could end up with a sale at the end of the trial period (customer purchases full version).

By getting their email address and them using the trial version, you can use solo ads to offer them a percentage off or other discount on the software’s full version. This entices them to take action.

It’s not hard to turn a trial user into a full-fledged buyer by adding a registration feature in when the trial period is over. For them to continue using the software, they need to purchase the product and type in the registration code.

You can also make it whether the trial version is limited in its feature, only unlocking them with their purchase for the full-fledged version.

Free Courses

Another way to entice people to share their email address is to offer them a free e-course to get involved in. People love getting something for free. If your business can use them, add free courses for them to sign up for.

Consider letting them go through the first e-course before the opt-in, as this builds trust and gives them some incentive to continue. E-courses are a way to showcase your expertise in the field.

You can also send parts of the e-course through solo ads – the idea is to keep users thinking about you. The e-course should have various elements such as text, video files, audio files or whatever you want to add to them. The great thing about solo ads is that you’re not limited to the kind of media you can use.

Have A Contest

If you’re noticing a newsletter is just not cutting it, you can always run a contest of some type. This is a great way in which to attain information about your customers. And, it can be used by customers – online or offline.

With the online version, the premise is roughly the same as the local diner with a jar that you put your business card in the hopes to win a free dinner or whatever.

If you have an electronics site, you can have a contest that allows customers to possibly when something tech-related. Of course, if you have just one product for sale, you can’t really hold a contest, but you could try for something to offer them.

E-book Giveaway

Again, there is something to be said about free things. If you want a person to sign up and provide you with their email address, why not use a free e-book gimmick to entice them. Be sure to pick a topic that is related to your product.

Be sure to write the e-book – however long or short you want. But, bear in mind, the shorter, more informative the e-book is, the better the conversion.

E-books help in building your list but lets the prospective customer know more about you as well. You need to attain some credibility if you want to be seen as an expert.

If you don’t have the skills or time to write an e-book, consider hiring a freelancer to do it for you. You can go to any freelancing website and find a ghostwriter to handle the job for you. Such places include Guru, Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

There’s also the option of software programs to assist you with your e-book.
Make sure to format your e-book in PDF form, which lets people access them regardless of what kind of computer they are using.

Downloadable Articles

Do you have many useful articles that your readers could benefit from? Consider using the opt-in method for people to share their email address to access and download those articles. This is great for business with people need a diagram for business purposes. You could even make it where they must pay for the articles.

Another option is to post some of the articles online for free viewing, and then bringing up the opt-in box so they’ll sign up to get the rest of the article. You want to provide visitors with something of value and then ask for their contact information. If they feel the article is worth the read, they’ll share their contact information with you.

Create A “Members Only” For The Site

Once prospective visitors become actual viewers, you can give them complete access to the site. With the members-only section, you need to offer better content than what they could have seen on the regular site. For example, share with them some financial information (if you have a finance-based website), special projects they can do, etc.

The idea is to get them to stay subscribed to this section – by offering them something more than they could see without subscribing.