If you’ve been looking for information on solo ads – what they are, how they can help your business and promote your product – then look no further.

This is your one-stop information for solo ads. Of course, the first question you probably have is what exactly is a solo ad?
Fair enough.


It’s an email advertisement where you use another person’s email list to promote your service/product. It’s known as a solo ad because your email is the one promotion that is sent to the users on that list.

Rather than getting a list for yourself, you’re using another person’s list to spark interest in your services/products – a list they may have built up for many years.

The list builder that you’re borrowing from is endorsing your services/products (as well as you). They are putting their own reputation and business on the line to help you get your foot in the door.

It also means the people on the list are regarded as high-quality and often open emails to read what senders have to say.

Some people make it their business to sell access to their huge email list to people struggling to build their own.

How does this work?

•A person writes an email to a solo ad vendor, asking for their email list.
•They will need to pay them a sum of money to make it happen.

For instance, you may pay $250 for 500 clicks. After payment, the solo ad vendor gives you 500 clicks.

There are some instances where solo ads sellers write emails for you, but they only do this as a courtesy. It’s not usually a norm. Why do some offer this service? They know and understand that some people just do not have the talent to write email copy. If they’re going to sell you their list, they want to be sure that you’re going to get hits. If you can’t write, you won’t get hits.

If you don’t get hits, then what good was the seller’s list?

Solo ads do come with a negative aspect – the stream of traffic isn’t always steady, which means you may constantly paying for it. This is what makes them different from search engine traffic, which is constant. Solo ads work for at least 48 hours before traffic starts to wind down from them.

Adding solo ads to another traffic campaign such as search engine traffic; social media marketing and retargeting will ensure the flow of people you get coming to your site is steady.

Here’s something to keep in mind – choose your solo ad vendor wisely. You want to choose a seller who offers you high-quality traffic. Many solo ad vendors are in it for the money and don’t give you good traffic at all.
You’ll need to wade through the different ones to find the perfect one.