4 The Best Ways To Buy Your Solo Ads

Solo ads are a wonderful way to build your business – so your research is extended further. The ads are a popular way to advertise your company and its services/ products and make good money.

Still, there’s some confusion as to the process. Solo ads are an agreement between two content owners that allows one to sell their subscriber list to another person for a certain price.

Many new businesses don’t have a high marketing budget, which makes solo ads seem out of their price range. However, you can buy a group of ads that can fit your budget and will give you a higher return on investment. How so?

•Fixed Price – A business owner will agree, for a fixed price, to advertise the solo ad.
•Pay-Per-Click – The marketer pays a fee every time a person clicks on the link.
•Pay-To-Open – The marketer pays a fee for when a subscriber opens an email newsletter.
•Pay-For-Conversion – The marketer pays a fee for when a subscriber clicks the link and buys something.

Which Of These Methods Are Best?

There’s been plenty of talk between marketers regarding the best way to buy ads and how the payment should be set up. The answer boils down to this one thing – it depends on the business itself and the kind of advertising budget it has.

There is no right or wrong payment method.

Some businesses may prefer a fixed price while others are more content with the pay-per-conversion method. The only way to know which method is right for you is to determine how effective your advertising campaign is and ensuring your payments are controlled.

Set Up Payment Through PayPal

When buying solo ads, you want a way to pay for them safely. Anything bad could happen. So, consider using your credit card on PayPal to pay for your ads’ provider. When a PayPal dispute is lodged against a seller, these payments tend to resolve in the buyer’s favor. It’s additional security for your purchases, ensurin you get what you pay for.

Solo ads are a wonderful way in which to attain clicks and produce leads for your company. However, you need to understand how the process works and how to protect yourself and your investment to make the most out of it.

Key Point To Remember…

The real important point of all is to stick with reputable dealers. This cannot be stated enough. You want a dealer that has proven themselves over and over in positive light. Make sure to do your homework here – in-depth research is needed.

Look for ad directories or a site with a list of newsletter owners. Read reviews about their background. Check out blogs, message boards or forums to get this information.

You want to buy from legit owners only.

Once again, avoid the “get rich quick” kind of dealers. These are the ones that offer you a list of email addresses for a low price. If you want high-quality addresses, you’re going to pay for them. It’s just as simple as that!

Solo ads is a trend that’s captured the spotlight for a good reason. It’s an email-based ad program that allows companies to reach out to more people, garnering more traffic to their website and leading to more sales. It is one of the best investments a business owner can use. However, like any marketing/advertising tool available, you must understand how best to use it, who to purchase them from and so on.

Since the market is rampant with scammers, this is where doing your due diligence is a must!